1-6th Scale Nascar Rc Cars

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 The Complete Internet Guide for buying these wonderful  1-6th Scale Nascar Rc cars 

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These 1-6th scale Nascar Rc cars are NO LONGER in production, get your spare parts NOW.

There is some parts and standard body shells and C.O.T. body shells that are on ebay:


Once these are gone they are gone forever. If you are looking for batteries and or battery chargers and do not see them on my ebay link, I might have some spares standing by.

Want to sell a used 
1-6th scale Nascar Rc cars ?

Want to buy an Used  1-6th scale Nascar Rc cars ?

 Use the contact tab at the top

The LAST 1-6th scale Nascar Rc car ever produced ! ! !
(go to the Paul Menards tab to see it)
Paul Menards # 98
Menards Lumber Ford Fusion

NEW page is up on
"How To" Convert the Standard Hobby Grades to the COT 
Nascar Rc Cars

Regular / COT Conversions
tab at the top

Yes there is a reason why some shells WILL fit and others WILL NOT FIT. You can check which cars can use the same shells and others that wont work

page coming
"How To" Page on Unpacking these
Nascar Rc Cars

Yes there is a right
way and wrong way.

A local Salt Lake City, Utah plastics fabricator can make these...

NEW Nascar Rc Car
Clear "Banked" Shelves!!!

There is also available for the Boyd Coddington Rc Hotrods. Display Your Autographed Boydster II !

New Chromed Wheels
to CORRECT your
Napa #55
1-6th scale Nascar Rc car.
They even look great on the
other series of drivers cars too!

Click here 

Pictures of all of the 1-6th scale Cars WITH the Chromed Wheels. They are made "to order"


There are 13 total Hobby Grade cars produced.

The main 10 Hobby Grade cars available are:

Dale Earnhardt Sr. # 3

Dale  Earnhardt Jr. # 88 AMP/Energy Drink C.O.T.

Dale  Earnhardt Jr. # 8 "Wheat Crest" Version
(this Hobby Grade version is getting tough to find)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. # 8 "Budweiser Racing" Version

Tony Stewart # 20 "Home Depot"

Jimmie Johnson # 48 "Lowes Home Improvement"

Jimmie Johnson # 48 "Lowes Home Improvement" Christmas Special Edition Version

Jeff Gordon # 24 "Dupont"

Jeff Gordon # 24 "Dupont" Lowes Home Improvement Christmas Special Edition Version

Jeff Gordon # 24 "Dupont" C.O.T

These listed above are available from various sellers through my email group or on ebay

There are 3 "Special Build" Hobby Grade cars available as indicated below:

Paul Menards # 98 Menards Lumber C.O.T. Ford Fusion
(available by clicking here)

Michael Waltrip # 55 Napa Auto Parts Toyota
(available from my email group or on Ebay)

Brian Vickers #57 Ore-Ida
"Tater" Car (available from my email group or on Ebay)



 Boyd Coddington, we will miss you
Boyd passed away.
My thanks to Boyd
and the crew from
the tv show
"American Hot Rod" for the interview, shop tour, autographs on my Boydster II and the great time I had at your shop. I have updated the Boyd Coddington Rc Hotrod page with pictures.

Click Here
To visit the photo page of
my Boyd Coddington Shop visit

ALERT !!!!

I have ONE Dale Jr. # 88 Amp Energy Drink Hobby Grade Car for sale: LIGHTLY USED.
350.00 plus shipping

I have NO Boydsters left for sale !!!

These from the t.v. show 

"American Hot Rod"

People at the Grand National Roadster Show were great!!
These Boydsters were flying out the door!

I was able to get new autographs on the "Tribute Boydster rc car"
See the "Visit to Boyds shop" tab at the top

Next stop...
Boise Roadster Show...
March, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 2012, Boise Idaho

If you cannot make the Boise Roadster show,
here is some that I have on ebay:


Other than "joe blow seller" on ebay
Now, each one will be graded from "opener-user" to "Collector Grade"

If you want to own a Boydster II Rc car...
Contact me at the email tab above
These 1-8th scale Boydsters are NO LONGER in production, NO spare parts ANYWHERE.

Want to sell a used Boydster II?

Want to buy an Used Boydster II?

Own a Boydster II R/C car?
Hate the factory battery?
On the Boydster Page toward the bottom of that page is information on battery upgrades for MORE performance and longer run time. Also information on Used Boydster II's and reproduction parts

1-6th scale

If you are viewing this page and have
a Foam Padded Chassis #20 Tony Stewart Home Depot and or a Foam Padded Chassis #48 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Nascar Rc cars, OR the SPECIFIC body shells for these
please contact me. I need photos of the boxes and photos of the cars themselves. I also will consider buying them if they are New and unused or SLIGHTLY used and the body shells are unbroken.

Email me!! click here

Photos From the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, Ca.
More Autographs on my 1-8th scale Boydster II R car!!!!
See the "Visit To Boyds Shop" Tab at the top

Boyd Coddington Hotrods
1-8th scale Rc "American Hot Rods"
Go to the Boyds' tab and see the
videos of this really cool Hot Rod!!!



International Shipping is approximately:

Germany: 139.00
France: 113.00
Netherlands: 132.00   
Australia: 198.00
Canada: 59.00

The Complete 1-6th Scale Nascar Rc Car Collection



Bad Ebayer Sellers page 
Ebayer ripoff!

I am looking to find 2 cars! 
(these are rare) I am looking for the Tony Stewart #20 Home Depot Foam Padded Version and a Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowes Foam Padded Version for purchase.
PLEASE BE in Excellent condition, OR unbroken body shell- unused open Box or NIB-EXCELLENT condition
Email me for Information!!


I am on Yahoo and MSN instant messengers also !!!

Screen name Nascarnbroncosfans

Or call: 801-688-5336