Hobby Grades

The most collectable version

    Why they are more collectable than any other 1-6th scale Nascar Rc car !!!

What is a Hobby Grade?

Put simply,  A  1-6th scale Team-Up International  "Hobby Grade"  Nascar Rc car is a HUGE 34" long,  10" high remote control toy racing car  for those hardcore Nascar fans that never grew up. If your a "loving spouse" reading this you will make your significant other, VERY VERY HAPPY.

Seriously though....A 1-6th scale Team-Up International  "Hobby Grade"  Nascar Rc car is a HUGE 34" long, 10" high remote control toy racing car for those hardcore Nascar fans that really want the excitement of Nascar Racing in an affordable and HUGE Rc car.  Great for out in a LARGE open mall parking lot (before any traffic of course). Make no mistake, these cars are FAST.  Not as fast as their smaller nitro fuel cousins, but fast enough to destroy it or an ankle!. (Just ask me !!! )

Hobby Grades or "Added Features" Rc  Nascars ARE THE SAME THING.

Those "Hobby Grade" features or "Added Features" are...

Digital proportional steering (variable steering), which means you can turn the transmitter wheel slightly and the car turns a little. Turn the transmitter wheel alot and the car turns alot.

Variable speed control this means you pull back on the trigger a little the car moves a little, pull back on the trigger all the way and the car takes off!  This also works for reverse gear as well.
Now if this isn't cool enough...

Most of each "Hobby Grade" Rc car has their own dedicated frequency. Of ALL of the 8 cars, 8 DIFFERENT DRIVERS the series of cars, you can race ONLY 6 Hobby Grade cars at the same time. Because, the exceptions are the Dale Sr # 3 and Paul Menards # 98 car cannot run together since they are the same frequency. The Michael Waltrip # 55 and the # 57 Brian Vickers Car cannot run together either since they are the same frequency

You CAN run 7 cars at the same time if you have a Base Version rc car with the dedicated frequency of 49 mghz

Frequency List is:

ALL Dale Earnhardt Sr HG cars are made with Frequency A which is 26.995 (same as the # 98 Paul Menards rc car)

All Tony Stewart  HG cars are made with a dedicated frequency B which is 27.045

ALL Jimmie Johnson HG cars are made with Frequency C is 27.095

ALL Hobby Grade Dale Earnhardt Jr cars (# 8 Bud Racing, # 8 "Wheat Crest", # 88 Amp Energy Drink Versions ARE THE SAME FREQUENCY!
Frequency D is 27.145. These 3 cars CANNOT be raced at the same time UNLESS you have frequency "borrowed" from another Rc car listed here that you already own, OR a "Frequency Chipset" which can be purchased separately easily.

ALL Michael Waltrips # 55 Napa Autoparts Toyota HG cars are made with Frequency E which is 27.195 (same as the # 57 Brian Vickers HG car)

ALL Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida HG cars are made with Frequency E which is 27.195 (same as the # 55 Michael Waltrips HG car)

ALL Jeff Gordon # 24 HG cars including the 2009 C.O.T. version are made with Frequency F which is 27.255

ALL Paul Menard # 98 HG cars are made with Frequency A which is 26.995 (same as the # 3 Dale Sr. rc car)

NO TWO ALIKE CARS can race together UNLESS you have the "frequency of another car chassis and transmitter" to change it, or a "Frequency 6-Pack" from www.checkerflagzone.com  

Then in theory you can run any ONE other duplicate car OR 6  IDENTICAL Hobby Grade cars (6 Tony Stewart cars or 6 Dale Jr cars etc. etc.) you can race at the same time. This makes it great for families that have several Tony Stewart fans or Dale Jr fans. This makes for alot of potential confusion AND wrecks !! But I have seen this done. You can also run a Base Version Nascar Rc car with these 7,  PROVIDED it is the 49 mghz frequency. But I don't recommend this since Base Versions are difficult to control. We will get into the First Editions and Base Versions on another page.

The transmitters for the "Hobby Grades" cars are different as well. The "Hobby Grade" version transmitter has two "trim" adjustments on the back of the remote as well as the Frequency Chip on the side of the remote than can be changed and can also be changed on the chassis of the car. Below is a "Hobby Grade"transmitter.  Note the two black knobs on the back of the transmitter. This also distinguishes the First Editions and Base Versions from the "Hobby Grade" Version.


Online retailers
Amazon.com, (the ONLY legal online retailer of Hobby Grades at the time of this posting but mistakes are being made by warehouse employees that dont know what they are doing) and other online locations Costco.com, Nascar.com, Target.com. Now on QVC.com (they sell ONLY Base versions!!! Except #8 Dale Jr. "Budweiser Racing" Rc car which ONLY came out in Hobby Grade), they have to be huge production runs. Most likey in the tens of thousands and still going strong. Also adding now the Menards Special Order Center has the Hobby Grade # 98 Paul Menards Nascar Rc car.

13 Hobby Grades listed here below...

# 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. GM Goodwrench DEI
# 8 Dale Jr. "Budweiser Racing" version DEI
# 8 Dale Jr. "DEI Wheat Crest" version DEI
 # 88 Dale Jr. "Amp Energy Drink-Mountain Dew" C.O.T. version HMS
# 20 Tony Stewart "Home Depot" JGR
# 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont Racing" HMS
# 55 Michael Waltrip. "Napa Auto Parts" MWR
# 57 Brian Vickers "Ore-Ida Tater Car" HMS
 # 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont Racing" HMS
(2007 Lowes "Christmas Special Release")
# 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont -Nicorette C.O.T. Racing" HMS
# 48 Jimmie Johnson "Lowes Home Improvement" HMS
# 48 Jimmie Johnson "Lowes Home Improvement"
(2007 Lowes "Christmas Special Release")
# 98 Paul Menard "Menards Racing" C.O.T. YMS

 ...some are still being produced at the time of this posting.

The original Base versions of the same drivers above are no longer being produced so as to make way for the more popular "Hobby Grade" 6th scale line of Rc cars. THEY WILL BE TOUGHER TO FIND in the future.!!

Hobby Grades or "Added Features" Rc Nascar Packaging

If you haven't noticed the differences in the packaging it wouldn't  surprise me. Lots of people don't notice.  On the following page, I will display ALL of the differences, side by side, of the "Hobby Grades" and " First and Second Edition" Base Versions. You will be amazed at the subtle differences that most people dont even see. NEW Hobby Grade boxes on the following pages!!!!